A blog about my journey into domestic bliss.  Hahaha…who are we kidding?  Hang on tight – this might be one helluva ride!


Daughter. Sister. Wife. Friend. Momma to a human baby AND a fur baby. Just Me.

Spends her time keeping house & home while trying to be keeper of dad and wrangler of  the wonderful hubter. Recently became a momma to a very  beautiful sweet lil boy. Also momma to a handsome  Great Dane pup.

Interests include: de-cluttering & home organization as well as trying to live more on less. Oh and food. Definitely LOVE food 🙂

Goal: to get the house de-cluttered, simplified and organized so it can be restored back into what is commonly referred to as  a ‘home’.

Loves food: trying new lotions and lip balms, cooking, baking, looking at and especially tasting!