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Upon my travels at the Dollarama during the month of August, I stumbled upon these lil babies. I have seen these travel squeezy canisters for potions and lotions sell for anywhere between $10-$15 for a 2pk and $19.99 at Costco for a 4pk.   At $5 for 4 squeezy canisters, I was game to try. I hope that’s enough for the hubster, baby and myself. Of course we’re not going to decant everything we use but for some of the things we buy in bulk sizing, these will definitely come in handy!

20140902-231508.jpgWhat’s your latest Dollar Store Find(s)?

While popping into the local Dollarama to pick up a few items, I happened to walk past the HBA section and noticed more brand name items being sold there. This is partly due to the fact that the prices have gone up (where has it not?) but the max you can pay is $3 per item  I believe.  I couldn’t resist picking some of these up because they were needed. My next shopping stops were the grocery store and WalMart for these actual items – well hair conditioner to be exact. (I’m trying to work through my stockpile of HBA items and have discovered that I didn’t have conditioner as stockpiled as well as I thought. Read more about that challenge here).  Do you know how elated I was to see these babies there on the shelf for HALF THE PRICE I’d have paid for them at WalMart?!  People thought I was nuts with a huge ‘A-HA!’ look on my face.

I know how Pantene works with my hair and I haven’t tried Dove since they first made hair care products (yes, I’m that old lol – shut it!) and I’ve only seen the Infusium. Never willing to risk the money to try it – especially since it’s usually priced over $6/bottle.  Who’d want to get stuck with a product that they can’t / won’t use that they paid a hefty fee for?

I was able to purchase three brand name conditioners for just over the price of one. Does that make me cheap or frugal? 😉


What’s your latest dollar store find(s)?


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