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There’s something about summer that I associate with reading.  I grew up reading non stop all summer long as the library was just around the corner, had activities and programs as well as air conditioning. Yes, I admit it – I spent summers in the library reading and enjoying their air conditioning. Somewhere, somehow I seem to have strayed from reading.  The mandatory reading curriculum in schools was a huge part of it.  Then in university, it was the same thing but amplified. I think that’s when I lost my desire to read.

It’s been quite a few years and I still long to read but just haven’t been able to hunker down and get back into it. I mean, of course I read on a daily basis: signs, magazines, packaging, internet etc. Everything under the sun except a book for pleasure.

My goal for the summer –  try to get myself back into reading  for pleasure vs reading out of necessity.    Like everyone else, I have plenty of things to check off on my ‘to do’ list but yet they seem to have time to read. And for pleasure. Surely there’s a way I can get back into it?

If you’re like me, how did you get back into pleasure reading?  Where do you like to do your reading? Do you have a particular set up you find comforting? And lastly, any book suggestions?




Another year has past, making this the official 2nd full year I have been blogging!  I’m rather impressed with myself as my life seems to take on many uncharted twists and turns.  True to form, I find posts regarding food to be the most popular lol. I won’t argue that as I am guilty of surfing the web for food porn myself. 😉 Even if I don’t plan on making whatever I am ogling at the moment, its just plain fun to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over it.  (You can read about my first year blogiversary here)

The most memorable event from the past year would be getting pregnant, enjoying pregnancy as much as I could given my situation and giving birth to my beautifully sweet son. Yes, I’m fully aware that he’s not ‘food’ nor anything close to ‘food porn’ but he’s so cute that I can’t help but want to gobble him up! 😀 That phrase “Mothers that want to eat their young” or something along that line – I have been told by other fellow mothers that I may soon fully understand that phrase  – YIKES!

I’d like to say a big  ‘Thank You’ to those that have read, followed, shared and commented on my blog as well as the continued support. (BTW: To all the new followers – don’t think I don’t see you there *waves* Thank You to y’all as well!)  Here’s to year ahead – can’t wait to see what myliladventures will bring.

About a year or so ago, I had picked up a couple of bottles of dry shampoo’s to try ‘just in case’ I should ever be caught off guard in a time crunch.   A ponytail can only go so far 😉  During my HBA stockpile use it up/purge challenge (you can read more about it here and here) I stumbled upon the two bottles. (Don’t get me wrong, I *do* wash my hair routinely but it’s nice knowing you have a back up.)

The first I tried was made by Tresseme – I can’t recall which formula it was (apparently they make 3 varieties). It. Was. Horrible. My hair looked like I had dunked it into a bucket of grease and the scent was not pleasing at all.  I tossed it immediately after giving it three good tries. Why on earth would I want to pass on this nastiness? Sorry Tresseme, no bueno.

The second bottle I had tried was made by Suave. This. Is. Freaking. Gold. In. A. Bottle. It worked miracles absorbing whatever grease there was to be absorbed with a light, refreshing scent that was not overpowering.  I had picked this up while in the US (in case you’re trying to look for it here in Canada)

suave dry shampoo sprayTotally would recommend this product!
Are you a fan of dry shampoo’s?  Which brand is your favourite?

Note: I have not received any form of compensation for this post/review. All opinions are my own. Just wanted to share my love for a great product.

Guess it’s time to come clean huh? The reason I haven’t been very active with the blog lately (with the exception of Food Waste Friday’s) is due to the fact that life has thrown me quite the curve ball and I’m still trying to adjust and learn as we move forward.  If you recall, back in July of 2013 our family expanded with the addition of our new puppy.    Then in September, the hubster and I discovered that our family was going to be expanding again. That’s right folks, guess who’s preggo? 🙂

Fast forward to today – I’m feeling much more comfortable sharing this news after having survived the first trimester and am nearing the end of the second.  Everything is good to go.  Both mommy & baby to be are healthy.  Our baby boy is due to make his grand entrance into our world sometime in May 2014.    I have totally been suffering from a severe case of ‘mommy brain’.  You know, having the complete ability and ease of forgetting everything and anything you were just told or thought of two seconds ago.  Nothing like being in the middle of a task and forgetting why you walked into another room or opened a drawer/cupboard. Or basic words and names of things. Constantly.
Between dealing with ‘mommy brain’, the pup (who is now 9 months old – stands at 34″ inches tall to his back and weighs about 135lbs and is still growing) and trying to wrangle dad (who’s trying to be more independent now that I’m pregnant) I’m surviving.  Actually that is the best way to describe my current situation: surviving. I know I’m not the only one to have ever gone through all these changes at once nor will I be the last but I’m surviving. 🙂  Everything seems to be a first for myself and the hubster.

So that’s what’s been happening with me lately.  🙂

This year, Christmas seems to be both a wonderfully joyous time as well as a very sad time for those in/close to the city of Toronto.

The City of Toronto (and surrounding areas)  has been heavily affected by a recent ice storm – aka Ice Storm of 2013.   It pains me to see the sheer volume of tree’s beautifully crystallized in ice only be snapped in half. A lot of people have suffered through the past few days without electricity and may still not have it back as of yet or until Friday – as of last reported updated.   Having suffered through not having any electricity for 4 days back during the flood in July 2013, I truly feel for those people except now they’re dealing with extreme cold & ice vs extreme heat & humidity.

Wishing warm thoughts to all as well as a very Merry Christmas.

Have a safe one.

While the hubster and I were in the Bulk Barn (bulk food store) picking up a few ingredients (plus treats – ha!) he stopped to check out the bags of chips they were selling. These aren’t your run of the mill chips like Lays or Tostito’s.  We’d never even heard of this brand before: Blair’s Death Rain.  Then we saw that they were habanero pepper flavoured chips.  Hubster was completely sold on trying these as every chip that has claimed to be ‘hot’ or ‘spicy’ was in fact not. He figured these would be the same. Erm. No. Let’s just say that I had 1/2 of a small chip and immediately gave the other half to the hubster to finish. It started off as a slow salty/vinegary heat then kept growing from there. From that one bite, I felt ‘warm’ for at least 45 minutes.   Now don’t get me wrong, I like food with flavour and somewhat spicy food.  This type of insane spicy – not so much.  And apparently not for the hubster either as he admitted to only having 4 more chips after the 1/2 chip I gave him.  He can usually take anything super spicy.  Poor guy!

If you love to get your pain on via endorphin rush after eating hot/spicy food – then these may be for you.


They do offer other flavours of chips. For more info, visit their website:

Disclaimer: I have not been paid/compensated for this post – just sharing a hot chip find 😉

So…I was out and about running errands when something caught my eye. Nail polish.  OPI nail polish to be exact. At the local Dollarama.  If you know the price of these, you’ll probably understand why I was shocked.  These normally retail for about $10 CDN. At the Dollarama, they were going for $3.  It was very hard for me to resist but I did manage – like I need another bottle of nail polish like I need another hole in my head!  But I have been thinking about them. Often.  And each time I’m the Dollarama, I do have to walk by to make sure they’re still being sold for $3 LOL 😉

20130820-121218.jpg 20130820-121230.jpg

Has anyone else seen these in their Dollarama? Or tried them?

In need of an afternoon pick me up.

Chai Latte OR Raspberry Chocolate Truffle?


Hehehe! I was in Target the other day and caught a glimpse of these tee’s.  Not sure if they were for the teens or women in general but I thought they were just TOO cute not to share.



Have I mentioned that I’m a big Hello Kitty fan? 🙂

Not quite sure what to make of this but saw it as I went to apply my lip balm this afternoon.


Your thoughts?

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