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Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the victims, families, survivors and unsung heroes of the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy.


To mix things up a bit, we decided to go out as a family for dinner vs cooking at home. The bonus (besides not having to cook nor clean up) is eating dishes we’d normally never make at home. =)   Not shown were bowls of steamed white rice to fill in the gaps from all these delicious dishes.


Broth made from veggies & pork bones
(good way to prime your stomach for some good eats if you ask me)


Boiled shrimp/prawns served on a bed of bean sprouts
(there was a dipping sauce but I didn’t think the shrimp needed it nor tried it)


Lamb stew: lamb, dried bean curd and Chinese mushrooms in a delicious broth topped with scallions – served on a burner!

(they gave a plate of lettuce leaves to soak in the broth as well. Yuh-UM!)


Sauteed snow pea shoots with garlic


Dessert:  hot soft tofu with a ginger simple syrup

Dontchas just love quality family time? Especially when its over a good meal? 🙂

New Year’s Eve rolled around and my sis called to let us know she was in town and wanted to know if we would like to meet up for dinner.  So after getting ready last minute, we jumped at the offer and headed out the door.   We went a bit early as well fearing crowds of people and our choice of restaurant being booked solid.

Starter:  broth type soup


Soy sauce chicken with a few slices of spicy jelly fish salad on top.


Baby bok choy, simmered with ground pork & garlic cloves.


Chinese style lobster!
(the only way lobster should be prepared – ever IMO)


Abalone w/Chinese mushrooms over baby bok choy.

All in all, it was a mighty tasty meal with great company and no family drama. Going in early for dinner helped a lot as the restaurant did fill up and was very loud by the time we were leaving.  What more could a girl ask for on New Year’s Eve?

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