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While the hubster and I were in the Bulk Barn (bulk food store) picking up a few ingredients (plus treats – ha!) he stopped to check out the bags of chips they were selling. These aren’t your run of the mill chips like Lays or Tostito’s.  We’d never even heard of this brand before: Blair’s Death Rain.  Then we saw that they were habanero pepper flavoured chips.  Hubster was completely sold on trying these as every chip that has claimed to be ‘hot’ or ‘spicy’ was in fact not. He figured these would be the same. Erm. No. Let’s just say that I had 1/2 of a small chip and immediately gave the other half to the hubster to finish. It started off as a slow salty/vinegary heat then kept growing from there. From that one bite, I felt ‘warm’ for at least 45 minutes.   Now don’t get me wrong, I like food with flavour and somewhat spicy food.  This type of insane spicy – not so much.  And apparently not for the hubster either as he admitted to only having 4 more chips after the 1/2 chip I gave him.  He can usually take anything super spicy.  Poor guy!

If you love to get your pain on via endorphin rush after eating hot/spicy food – then these may be for you.


They do offer other flavours of chips. For more info, visit their website:

Disclaimer: I have not been paid/compensated for this post – just sharing a hot chip find 😉


While out picking up a few things at the discount grocery store one afternoon, I happened to pass an end cap with the HERR’S brand of chips. I’m talking floor to ceiling display offering a variety of flavours.  Then I saw the price tag at the top of the display. $1.99. Let me tell you – these bags are huge! Larger then the normal big bag of chips (without bordering into the ‘family’ or ‘jumbo’ sizes)

Tempted by PMS? fate…I had to grab one to try especially since I’d never heard/seen this brand before.  Figuring since I was all on a risk taking mood, I grabbed a flavour that was very out of the norm – Baby Back Ribs.  I mean, c’mon..there’s buffalo wings, blue cheese, bacon flavoured chips but RIBS?!

The hubster and I finally got to cracking open the bag this past weekend. Let me just say that after the first few chips we ate, we turned to each other with this uncertainty.  Then we started analyzing it.  There was a hint of smokiness, sweet, tangy-zip like a BBQ sauce along with a bacon’ish flavour. Just like ribs! (imagine that) It was an odd combo but it worked!  Would I buy it again? Sure, only if the hubster requested it.  I’m more of a plain regular chip kinda gal.

So if you’re out and about and see this brand, give it a whirl and let me know what you think.   What’s the most oddest flavour potato chips have you tried? Was it a hit or miss?

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