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There’s something to be said about finding a bargain on banana’s. I know in the US, the store Trader Joe’s sells 5/$1 or a pound for a buck. Here the prices range anywhere from $0.49/lb right up to $0.89/lb and even higher for organic.  Much to my delight, I spotted the clerk filling up the discount, dent & ding rack so I scooted on over to see what she was putting out.

This mammoth bag of banana’s.  I weighed the bag when I got home and counted over 20 banana’s …. for $1.69. That’s right – the entire bag was only $1.69!  BTW – The bag weighed 12lb’s. The best part, 90% of them were still firm, green and just starting to go yellow.  I’m guessing a new shipment of banana’s came in and there were only so little left from the old that they decided to put it out for clearance?   I have no problems with that if that means I can snag such a deal!

After a week, they started turning as we can only eat so many banana’s in a day.  I mashed the remaining and froze some and used the rest to make up some wonderful muffins!  These baby freeze great as well.

That’s right. I got 30 muffins out of a few banana’s


Walnut, coconut, choc chip banana muffins.


Plain old raisin & banana muffins.

Snack time! Nothing like a freshly baked muffin still warm from the oven paired with a nice cold glass of milk.  Hey…don’t judge! Someone had to be sacrificial lamb and do a taste test. May as well enjoy myself! 😉  Don’tchas just love great bargains?

For Christmas this year (er 2012 – sorry for the late post!) I decided to NOT partake in gift exchanges and instead, meet up with friends for some QT. Much more along the lines of what Christmas means to me.   I decided to bake cookies to gift as well – something small (and tasty) but nothing significant enough to make the other person(s) feel they need to return a gift.

I’m not sure if my plan backfired.  After sharing my ‘no gift exchange’ theme this year, no invites came to meet up for some QT.  Ironic??  What do you think this tells me about my friends? Coincidentally, this was the one year I went on a huge baking spree.


Peppermint Sugar Cookies

Brownie Crackle Cookies


Pineapple Delights


Ginger Snaps (the beginning of)


Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

And lastly – the finished Ginger Snap.
Isn’t it beautiful?!

I’ll admit, we had well over 150 cookies & treats as I also made coconut rice krispie treats as well (not pictured – sorry!). Figuring that I’d be serving these cookies up whenever someone stopped by to visit or be gifting some to them when meeting up, I made the cookies smaller then usual to gain a larger yield.  We still have a food storage container full as I’m slowly doling them out to the hubster and I after dinner. No need to gorge on them in one night and go to bed with a tummy ache LOL.

What treats did you make for Christmas?

After seeing this over at A Recipe A Day. I now have a huge desire to try my hand at making this.  How delish does this look?!

Brownie, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Cup Treats

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