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In need of an afternoon pick me up.

Chai Latte OR Raspberry Chocolate Truffle?


Coffee.  What is it about this stuff that people just love?! I, myself, admit that I’m addicted. The sound of it brewing somehow excites me, alerting me to the fact that something tasty is nearby.  The intoxicating aroma, the delicate notes that hit all the different areas on your tongue with each sip.  It comes in different roasts and flavours. Way too many choices. This is all before the extras one can add to enhance their experience.

The coffee supply store where I buy our K-Cups offers each customer a chance to try any K-Cup from an open box (they sell both, single cups and boxes as well as any other coffee/tea related paraphernalia imaginable).  Knowing this, I purposely try a flavour/brand I’d never consider buying let alone committing to a box.

Today’s choice – Sweet Summer Raspberry.  How bad could it be right? After all, I love coffee and I love raspberries.  What I was not prepared for was the fact that I’d be in sheer delight and giddy with glee as I inhaled the intoxicating aromas while waiting for it to brew.   Finally after a torturous 30 second wait, came the first sip.  The taste danced across my tongue seriously leaving me wanting more.  The clerk passing by asked if I was alright because I kept sniffing my cup and taking non stop tiny sips – taking it all in.  She caught a whiff of which cup I was trying and revealed how this has become a secret love hers as well.   I’ve tried other flavoured coffees but this one was BANG. ON. Luscious and bold scent of fresh raspberries.  Comforting coffee taste that I love paired with a subtle, lingering raspberry aftertaste.   I would’ve instantly bought a box but it wasn’t what I was there to buy nor in the budget.

Now I sit here watching TV,  continuing to sip on the same sweet cup of coffee, longing for another cup.  How that one cup made it home is beyond me!

What do you love about coffee? Are there any suggestions of other flavours I should try?

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