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Yes, yes…I know, Father’s Day has already come and gone. But I couldn’t NOT share our feast with y’all.  We kept it very low key this year.  In fact so low key, we decided on a simple WINGFEST!


We grilled up a ton of wings (plain) then gave the options of various sauces that you could either dip or use to smother your wings.

(Sauces were: honey mustard, BBQ, chipitole/pineapple/mango, buffalo and of course blue cheese)


For appetizers, we had french baguette w/brie (not pictured – sorry), shrimp with cocktail sauce (again, not pictured – double sorry!)  as well as grilled asparagus: both plain and wrapped in prosciutto.  Uh, yeah…about those. They went so quick, I had to take a pic of the one left on my plate LOL Who knew they’d be such a hit?!


Served with the wings & various sauces were steamed veggies and taters both done up on the grille.


But lastly – can’t leave out the action shot which also shows that we had grilled lobsters! My sis thought it’d be a nice touch and brought them over last minute. Lil did she know how large our feast truly was LOL

For dessert we had a store bought apple pie which unfortunately wasn’t anything to write home about. Everyone claimed they were too full from the feast to even dig into the pie so us siblings all took a bite or two out of one slice. Dad on the other hand enjoyed it as apple pie is his ultimate favourite when it comes to dessert.

All in all, everyone had a wonderful time gathering over a mega tasty and fulfilling meal.  I hope y’all had a wonderful Father’s Day.

New Year’s Eve rolled around and my sis called to let us know she was in town and wanted to know if we would like to meet up for dinner.  So after getting ready last minute, we jumped at the offer and headed out the door.   We went a bit early as well fearing crowds of people and our choice of restaurant being booked solid.

Starter:  broth type soup


Soy sauce chicken with a few slices of spicy jelly fish salad on top.


Baby bok choy, simmered with ground pork & garlic cloves.


Chinese style lobster!
(the only way lobster should be prepared – ever IMO)


Abalone w/Chinese mushrooms over baby bok choy.

All in all, it was a mighty tasty meal with great company and no family drama. Going in early for dinner helped a lot as the restaurant did fill up and was very loud by the time we were leaving.  What more could a girl ask for on New Year’s Eve?

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