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Happy Birthday To Meee!!! 
Guess what today is? 😉

The hubster and I tend not to make a big deal of birthdays unless there’s children involved. We mainly just give a lil something (if anything) and have or partake in a celebratory meal.  No big shin digs, nothing extravagant. Simpletons we are.

This year the wonderful hubster decided to send a super beautiful arrangement of long stem roses. Quite a shock as he’s not a flower giver nor am I one to request them. We both admire them but that’s about it. Like I said, quite a shock.  The florist wasn’t able to guarantee a delivery for today, even with an order placed in advance so these beautiful babies were delivered on Friday around dinnertime.


The arrangement was HUGE!
(almost as wide as my stairs)


Just gorgeous!
I love the aroma that they’re giving off – wonderful!


Also spent the day cooped up at home, hibernating from the cold snap we’re experiencing (temps of -13*C + windchill = -28*C = YIKES!) and decided to paint my nails.  I let a week pass by with nails ‘au naturel’.   Thought I’d give the whole ‘accent nail’ another try. Whatchas think about this combo?   You can read about my first attempt here.


Also being served up for dinner – chili (with an overload of veggies & beans).

I thought it was appropriate for an effin freezing day.  Don’t you?  Not sure what other surprises this day will hold but if you ask me, I’m OK with it.


Ever since having my nails done while on vacation back in Nov’2012, I find that I tend to keep my hands in better condition.  You know…keeping them moisturized, not tugging on or chewing hangnails etc.   Due to the fact that I had chosen a shellac mani, I needed to find time to have it removed which never seemed to pan out. I had that mani on for about a month!    Confessions of loving manicures here.

So here’s a shot of my own home mani complete with accent nail. I have no idea where/how this trend started but I thought I’d try my hand at it (pun intended!)  I love bold and bright colours but with never having experienced the accent nail, I thought I’d go subtle.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the accent nail?

I have a confession. I love having my nails done.


(Photo credit: madame.furie)

Pedicures I absolutely adore and have a hard time turning down an invitation to join a girlfriend for one.  Manicures are a whole other story.  I love seeing my fingers done up but unfortunately I have oily nails (from what I keep getting told) and the polish doesn’t last past 3 days – if even.  I’m also very hard on my hands & nails, always washing dishes (despite using a dishwasher) and have a bad habit of cleaning without wearing gloves. I know, horrible me.  Considering the price of a manicure and how long it lasts, its not really worth it and definitely not in the budget for constant maintenance.  Could you imagine, a manicure every 3-4 days?! Yikes!!  My bank account hurts at the thought of that *lol*

My mother in law and I were having a conversation about getting nails done then she started raving about the salon she frequents.  We agreed that upon our next visit (the hubster & I) that we’d go for QT girly time and I’d get to check out the salon.   While away on vacation, we did visit the salon. I decided upon a shellac mani.  It was nice to see the differences between salons down in the US vs Canada. Its always the lil things that stand out the most to me – how they treat you while you’re getting your nails done, the technique and order in which they do things, different products etc.  Needless to say,  I drove the person batty by asking 1,001 questions about his techniques & products.  I had a blast!

But now I am stuck in a situation…I need to get the shellac mani removed.  Should I pay the extra $5 for a regular mani after my removal OR should I return home and give myself one? (I have all the supplies)

Do you love manicures too? Do you get them done at the salon or are you frugal and do them yourself at home?

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