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Easter has come and gone.  In my experiences, most that don’t follow the religious aspect of this holiday focus on the marketing of  cute toys and/or traditions of  super delicious treats be it baked or made out of chocolate.

This year the hubster gifted me some new nail polish!  (He’s seen the difference in my hands – as in when the nails are painted, the hand care factor goes up and the sandpaper hands tend to disappear)


From left to right:

OPI – Sprung / OPI – Miami Beet / essie – Bahama Mama / OPI – Women’s Prague-ative


I did a quick trial run to check out the new colours and of course I couldn’t decide on which colour to use first. (the colours are in reverse of the  order shown above)

So, whats your pick?

In case you’re wondering, the hubster and I spent Easter visiting friends out of town while attending their ‘Goodbye Party’ as well.  Oh and there may have been a visit to a ‘Sugar Shack’ as well. Mmm….maple syrup!

While out at the discount grocery store I happened to stumble upon this lil gem – Joe Fresh Nail Polish Remover.

I had been looking for something similar as I’ve only seen this sort of dispenser being used at the nail salons.  I’ve been brainstorming on how to make my own via DIY and though I had seen something similar at Sephora, I couldn’t justify the price. I even thought about buying those brown bottles for rubbing alcohol that you find in doctors offices.

This normally retails for approx $8 at Loblaw’s / Superstore but I happened to stumble up on this for only $3! How could this NOT come home with me?  Talk about being at the right place at the right time. 😀 (It also comes with acetone in case that is your preference.)

It’s very easy to use,  one handed in fact! One single pump and you’re ready to go.  To me, this possibly makes this the best dispenser ever! (yes its the small things in life that make me happy)

Do you have a nail polish remover dispenser like this or are you a traditionalist  that prefers using the bottle?

Happy Birthday To Meee!!! 
Guess what today is? 😉

The hubster and I tend not to make a big deal of birthdays unless there’s children involved. We mainly just give a lil something (if anything) and have or partake in a celebratory meal.  No big shin digs, nothing extravagant. Simpletons we are.

This year the wonderful hubster decided to send a super beautiful arrangement of long stem roses. Quite a shock as he’s not a flower giver nor am I one to request them. We both admire them but that’s about it. Like I said, quite a shock.  The florist wasn’t able to guarantee a delivery for today, even with an order placed in advance so these beautiful babies were delivered on Friday around dinnertime.


The arrangement was HUGE!
(almost as wide as my stairs)


Just gorgeous!
I love the aroma that they’re giving off – wonderful!


Also spent the day cooped up at home, hibernating from the cold snap we’re experiencing (temps of -13*C + windchill = -28*C = YIKES!) and decided to paint my nails.  I let a week pass by with nails ‘au naturel’.   Thought I’d give the whole ‘accent nail’ another try. Whatchas think about this combo?   You can read about my first attempt here.


Also being served up for dinner – chili (with an overload of veggies & beans).

I thought it was appropriate for an effin freezing day.  Don’t you?  Not sure what other surprises this day will hold but if you ask me, I’m OK with it.


Ever since having my nails done while on vacation back in Nov’2012, I find that I tend to keep my hands in better condition.  You know…keeping them moisturized, not tugging on or chewing hangnails etc.   Due to the fact that I had chosen a shellac mani, I needed to find time to have it removed which never seemed to pan out. I had that mani on for about a month!    Confessions of loving manicures here.

So here’s a shot of my own home mani complete with accent nail. I have no idea where/how this trend started but I thought I’d try my hand at it (pun intended!)  I love bold and bright colours but with never having experienced the accent nail, I thought I’d go subtle.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the accent nail?

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