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Wow! Hard to believe that it was only one year ago that I started this blog!  More impressively so, I have kept up with it for the past year.  To me, that’s a big deal.

Looking back over my past posts, I notice there has been a very common theme: food. Growing it, cooking with it from scratch and of course, trying not to waste it and my all time fave – eating it!

Over the year, I have learned that I really do enjoy blogging – though, still learning the in’s and out’s – and having met fellow bloggers along the way (online, not IRL yet).  Thank you for following along and sharing myliladventures 🙂

A few proud mind boggling stats:

This blog has had over 3,750 views – not bad for a newb that was scared to even start blogging

There are 17 loyal subscribed followers PLUS all those that lurk along with a blog reader

The top 3 countries where my readers are from: US, Canada & the UK

This is the most viewed post to date with 102 views

And lastly, this was my most viewed blog entry on one day with a total of 58 views.

We survived!  We survived!!  We survived!!!

This past weekend, the hubster and I celebrated our first year wedding anniversary.  Yes, we survived one year of marriage AND our celebrations LOL.   We’re not very big on celebrations in terms of throwing parties and giving extravagant gifts but we do like to celebrate in our own way.   To mark our joyous milestone, we decided to spend the night away at Cesars Palace down in Windsor, ON despite the previous weeks headlines in the news with bomb threats and the discovery of two headless bodies found in the river.   (I’ll admit that there was a lil jaunt across the river to the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit, MI and a trip to Target too ;))

Overall….we had a great time with the family – we brought along dad and my sister – and with all the in’s and out’s of traveling by car, with family etc…we truly did survive.  True to our wedding weekend last year, it (almost?) was the hottest day of the summer (hello, 37*C + humidity anyone?) and our weekend was very eventful which has now created many funny memories and stories to be reflected upon and shared in the future.

The only real disappointment….the big name casino resort hotel we stayed at didn’t live up to its hype.  You’d expect to be treated well at a 5 star hotel/resort but honestly…I think we’d have been just as happy if not happier at a Holiday Inn.  A myriad of things went wrong/were wrong from the get go BUT its all about how you handle things.  Needless to say, we didn’t let the hotel disappointment get to us as we had a blast!



We took the tunnel across to Detroit, MI
(sorry for the blurry pic, I had to snap quick as we drove past)


The line up for US customs as you exited the tunnel was RIGHT there.  We’re talking hairpin turn out of a tunnel to an abrupt stop.  Me thinks there’s a bit of a layout/functionality issue growing there.  Just sayin’.


The GM Building
(right as you come out of the tunnel, its the first thing you see lining up for customs)


I thought it was hilarious that the GPS was telling us to go to customs.


We took the Ambassador Bridge on our way back.
(Detroit’s going through some construction and all the signs that normally show you the way to the bridge were all covered up stating they were closed.  We had to ‘tour around’ hoping (praying) to find access to the bridge which we finally did. It took over an hour but we found our way home!)


Our hotel room at Cesars Palace, Windsor, ON.
Looks great – just like in the magazines!

Gosh, am I ever thankful for what we were able to do – go away to celebrate.  And with family. (And to make it back to Canada, hahaha)

But, I am most thankful for a very loving and an awesomely understanding husband.  One year baby!!  Can’t wait to see what next year brings 🙂

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