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One of the best things I’ve learned to make from scratch is ginger tea.   We tend to drink a lot of it from fall to spring when the weather gets all wonky and cold or when we’re feeling under the weather.  We usually drink this tea about three times a week.  It helps keep our immune systems running more efficiently.

I take about a 2″ knob of fresh ginger (well ok, its more like 4″) and slice it very thin then simmer it in about 3c-4c water for at least 30 mins or longer.  The longer you simmer, the more concentrated & powerful it becomes. Oh – spicy too.     At this point, if you’re a masochist brave enough to drink it straight up – more power to you.  Though I love it super spicy, I’ll admit that even *I* need to add honey to help tone it down.  To be even more crazy, I’ll add a wedge of citrus – take your pick: lemon, lime or orange.  I know – bonkers huh?


During the walk to the car park after lunching with my girlfriend at Burger Bar the other day, we were in awe at how many cute lil coffee shops & bakeries there were along the way tormenting us.

After passing three or more bakeries we gave in and stopped at Miss Cora’s Kitchen. It’s a cute lil bake shop/sandwich place that not only serves sinfully delicious treats but gluten free & vegan options as well. Quite impressive for such a lil shop if you ask me!

I’m totally going back to try one of their buttertarts which they were sold out.

Instead, I settled for a ginger-molasses cookie for myself and a peanut-peanut butter brownie bar for my husband.

They did not disappoint. 🙂


(Visit their website:

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