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A late start for the year but I can finally say that the garden is in! Last week the wonderful hubster and I added a years worth of crushed eggshells to the garden beds to help bump up the calcium content and well, to feed it. Then we tilled and watered it immediately as well as needed for about a week. Lets just say that Mother Nature helped out a lot as it seemed to have rained for a week straight. I guess we picked a good day to til the beds!

Over the weekend, in between rain storms & oppressive humidity I grabbed dad and off we went to two nurseries to pick up seedlings. (Yes, I know I could’ve planted from seeds and made my own seedlings but I’m not quite ready for that step yet)  When we got home, my only intention was to place them out back and give them a bit of water but something took over and I just started planting them straight into the beds. Three hours later, I was done! I was drenched in sweat because its was hot out but also drenched in boob sweat because of he oppressive humidity. (Yes, I just admitted to having boob sweat. It was epic.)

Vegetables planted:

* cucumbers

* beefeater & roma tomatoes

* butternut & kabocha (Japanese/Acorn) squash

* Chinese & Italian eggplant

* bittermelon/bitter gourd

* small pumpkins

* green zucchini/summer squash

* Thai Dragon peppers (hot)

* yellow banana peppers

Herbs planted:

* sweet leaf & purple basil

* dill

* oregano

* regular & garlic chives

* cilantro

* mint

* Italian parsley

Hopefully this year’s crop will be plentiful and give a large yield.

Have you put your garden in and what have you planted?

At the end of last summer, I vowed to learn how to garden this year.  I had made the same vow the year before but didn’t take as much action as I’d have liked.  My dad is aging, he’s not as into gardening as much as he used to.  I need to absorb as much knowledge as I can before its too late.  Besides, who doesn’t love the huge pay off for all the hard work?  What’s better then walking out into your own backyard and picking out your veggies for your next meal? You know exactly what’s in/on them and where they’re from.  Dare I call my garden bounty “organic”?

Hubby said he’d garden with me (aka help me BIG TIME because I’m not good at it) since I have very minimal experience. I know how to water the garden, weed and harvest.   Dad also said he’d have no part in gardening this year as he was  ‘done with it’.    To be honest, I think he was tired of being the only one doing all the work.  (To be revealed later, dad does putter around in the garden but not nearly as much as he has in the past.  I guess old habits die hard ;))

This year, I dove in head first! Back in mid-late May, the hubster and I tilled the garden beds, mixed eggshells into the soil and fertilized it as well.  I picked up the seedlings for our future garden and they were planted.   Man was I ever excited!!

Then the boring part came…waiting for things to grow.  I watered religiously and weeded as needed – basically daily.

Now that I look back on it, it really *is* a lot of work to grow & maintain your own garden but its SO totally worth it!


A few years back, we designed our backyard to be an enjoyable living space adding in the gardening aspects later.  Now the two styles live together almost harmoniously.  Turned out well if you ask me.


The tomato bed – san marzano, beefsteak & roma.


Pot – basil & Italian oregano.

Planter box #1 – jalapenos, red, green & yellow peppers
Planter box #2 – leaf lettuce

BTW: thats thai basil growing all rogue (bottom right hand of pic) Haven’t decided if we’re going to try to eat it/use it.


In this garden bed – yellow and green zucs, English cucs, butternut squash, Chinese eggplant and  bittermelon.


Large pot:  spearmint

Small pot: cilantro

Missing is one pic of the other large garden bed which is home to Chinese fuzzy gourds, Chinese long squash, bittermelon and pie pumpkins.

So far, the garden has produced plenty of herbs and lettuce. I can’t wait for the other items to start growing in!

Do you garden? What have you planted?  Any recipe suggestions for the herbs? (I seem to have a lot to use LOL)

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