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At dad’s request – we made an effort to gather the entire family for Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner.  Dad’s request was made very last minute despite all his children checking in earlier within the month to see if we were going to gather for the annual tradition.

This year that happened to take place on the eve of Thursday January 30th, 2014.

Below are pics from our feast 🙂

1623622_590569227700368_1087430720_nFish Maw & Seafood Thick Soup

1779345_590569257700365_165776747_nBBQ Combination Platter (with Cold Jellyfish Salad)

1724482_590569214367036_701007771_nFried Pork loin with Chef’s Sauce

1653680_590569111033713_1709149972_nDouble Lobsters With Ginger & Green Onion Sauce

1606876_590569191033705_754757715_nShrimp, Octopus, Candied Walnuts On Broccoli

1798655_590569171033707_733070158_nDried Oysters (reconstituted) With Mushrooms On Bed Of Lettuce

1016241_590569151033709_1174394751_nFried Pickerel In Soya Sauce

1660588_590569131033711_1185997445_nFried Pickerel In Soya Sauce

fried rice
House Fried Rice

e fu noodles
E-Fu Noodles w/Mushrooms

Red Bean SoupSweet Red Bean Soup

(Almond Cookies & Red Bean Cookies)

Everyone left with full bellies, QT with dad and the rest of the family and leftovers (*lol*) to ring in the new year.

2014 – The Year Of The Horse!



Just wanted to wish everyone a safe, happy & prosperous New Year!
2013 is year of the Snake.

This week’s victim…a lonely pomegranate that I never got to try.  It was somehow placed on a shelf in the fridge then somehow got pushed to the back behind tall jars and containers.  RIP sad dehydrated pom…maybe I’ll get to try one of your friends in the near future? 😉

We’re having a huge blizzard/snow day. A lot of businesses are closed or will be opening late/closing early.  To prep for this storm – Nemo – dad and I actually went and purchased a few extra grocery items yesterday as well as special grocery items for Chinese New Year’s which takes place this weekend. I’m hoping to get creative with leftovers so we have no waste next Friday.

How’d you do? And are you experiencing this ‘Nemo’ as well?

On Friday’s, I share what food items that I have ‘wasted’ by letting spoil during the week from forgetfulness and/or neglect. Kristen over at The Frugal Girl has inspired me to publicly post in hopes of reducing waste. (Food Waste Friday is now being co-hosted every other week with Simply Being Mum – pop on over to take a peek!)

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