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Ever since having my nails done while on vacation back in Nov’2012, I find that I tend to keep my hands in better condition.  You know…keeping them moisturized, not tugging on or chewing hangnails etc.   Due to the fact that I had chosen a shellac mani, I needed to find time to have it removed which never seemed to pan out. I had that mani on for about a month!    Confessions of loving manicures here.

So here’s a shot of my own home mani complete with accent nail. I have no idea where/how this trend started but I thought I’d try my hand at it (pun intended!)  I love bold and bright colours but with never having experienced the accent nail, I thought I’d go subtle.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the accent nail?

I’m thinking there’s a new trend for the fall theme these days. Owls. I mean, everywhere I’ve been shopping are owls.    These are only a few of the owl sightings I’ve seen recently.

This post is dedicated to all you owl lovers out there. Enjoy 🙂


This one was very striking being all shiny and turquoise.


Um….I  got a feeling that someone’s watching me?




Love the eyes!


This one is absolutely beautiful.
An owl made out of a pumpkin and feathers.

Hehehe – the last pic is of a decorative candle holder that I found while cleaning and purging through a box.  Figured I’d put it to use then realized all the owls out there saturating the market.

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