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On a whim, a friend and I popped into this local coffee shop to give them a whirl.  Previously this building had been an older bank location.   It has now been transformed into a small coffee pub.  Cute, no? It looks like a decent size from outside but once inside, it felt a bit cramped or cluttered between the actual coffee bar with a small plethora of sweet and baked treats, coffee condiment station and bistro table seating.

There were wall chalkboard placards displaying their offerings and boy did it take me a while to read through everything before deciding to start small and order a dark roast drip coffee.  It was weaker then I’m used to but still enjoyable and easy on my stomach.  I can’t wait to go back and give another coffee a try and possibly a treat.

Love discovering and supporting local businesses 🙂

Have you tried organic coffee?

It’s no secret that we have a Keurig machine – which we love – but slowly, as I continually visit the coffee store to replenish the darling hubster’s supply…I usually take the free box for myself and pick a flavoured coffee.  For some reason I find it justified since I wouldn’t normally buy a box of flavoured K-Cups.  I have no clue why my logic is this way.  So after a few visits, I found myself in a predicament of too many bulky boxes taking up way too much prime real estate in/on our drink station.

I thought long and hard about how I could organize it and still have easy access to the K-Cups.  I also didn’t want to buy anything.  After a while, I decided to use these drawer separators from Ikea – tell me who doesn’t love that store – and though it’s unconventional, it totally works.  I decided to nest 3 of the smaller containers into a larger one thus making a divided cube.  Now keeping in mind that the separators are made of soft nylon, I didn’t want to risk having a rip followed by a K-Cup explosion but the cups seem to be light enough even when it was full of 96 K-Cups. Yes, that’s a lot. The equivalent of 4 x 24ct boxes.

Take a gander…


Sorry about the mis-matched colours, I used what I had.

Close up of the nesting action.


Since having the Keurig machine, a friend kindly pointed out that there were these ‘brew over ice’ iced tea cups available but again with my logic…I never bought them.  Then WalMart had them on clearance and they were less then $5/box so I figured ‘Why not?’.  I had a basket laying around and it was pretty deep so I decided to try to see how many cups I could get in there. To my surprise, I was able to fit both boxes! (regular iced tea & lemon flavoured) Total of 36 cups.  Take note my homemade divider…how’s that for crafty?

Continuing on with my decluttering/organizing of the drink station, I had to find a spot to put my tea’s – remember, I have a tea hoarding issue? Click here to refresh your memory 😉  Again, using what I already had – this container came from the dollar store many, many, many moons ago.   With homemade dividers, I was able to set out a few different flavours instead of forcing myself to drink all of one flavour before moving on to the next.


Who doesn’t love variety?!  I have individually wrapped teabags as well as loose leaf tea’s that were gifted to me from David’s Tea – I must say they do offer very yummy sounding flavours…but alas, I’m not allowed to purchase anymore tea. *le sigh*

Glamour profile shot!

Lastly, we use another tiered stand to house the darling hubster’s stash of K-Cups.  He knows where to find them without any confusion as to which flavour it is.  ( He despises flavoured coffees.) The bonus – its grab and go, no pulling out baskets to grab a cup.

Purdy ain’t it?
(Yes I took over the top tier with more tea *blushes*)

So tell me, have I gone a lil OCD do you have a Keurig? How do you organize your K-Cups? 🙂

I have found another strong love for a flavoured coffee. Timothy’s Perfectly Pumpkin. It’s right up there with Sweet Summer Raspberry, probably sitting at number two.

Every fall, everyone comes out with their version of a “pumpkin” something. It’s usually got some spice to it along with cinnamon. I usually find the spice part too overwhelming. I’m not a huge flavoured coffee person but I tried cup of this stuff last fall and before I could make my way back to buy a pound of the beans, it was gone 😦

I made a coffee store run for the hubster and his co-worker friend and well between the two of them, their order totaled seven boxes. The store’s promo is: buy 7 boxes, get the 8th free. I know, I know…who buys 8 boxes of K-Cups at once right? And we’re talking the big boxes – 24 count. I took the liberty of selecting the free box for myself once I saw the Perfectly Pumpkin on the shelf. I just couldn’t help myself.


Do you have a favorite fall flavour of coffee?

*does the Snoopy happy dance* 
Happy, happy, joy, joy!

I got a break from gardening today (thank you dreary & rainy day!) and a chance reason to visit the coffee supply store which I love.  We were running low on K-cups.  Luckily with the rain, everyone seemed to have avoided the store. I had the entire store to myself.  Heaven.

Immediately, I went to brew a flavour that I had never tried before and began searching for the K-cups that were on my list.  The hubster had mentioned to a co-worker that I had found this store with decent pricing thus resulting in him offering my shopping and shuttling service – haha.

Then, my eye caught a glimpse of it. Sweet. Summer. Raspberry. I nearly dropped my cup of coffee. I thought this flavour was sold out and gone forever. (I mentioned my love for this flavour here.)

Needless to say, I snatched that box off the shelf and headed to the check out with a super huge grin on my face.  The cashier returned my smile when she saw the flavour as I placed it on the counter and admitted she loved it too.  🙂


Look at the box of K-cups.
And, I get to drink all 24 cups myself.


I made a beeline for the machine as soon as I opened the front door. I just couldn’t wait.


Oh, sweet summer raspberry! 🙂

You are mine, all mine. And I love it!

Anyone else out there as obsessed with a flavour of coffee?

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