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We’ve been having some crazy weather these past two weeks. One day, its winter. One day, its spring. Lather, rinse and repeat.  We’ve also been pretty busy so there hasn’t been much time to get creative in the kitchen.  In an effort to provide a decently nutritious meal without committing a lot of time, I pulled out the trusty crockpot.

What I created was a soup. I prefer to call it ‘Clean Out The Kitchen Soup’.  Anything in the fridge and pantry that needed to get used up, went in.  How easy and frugal was that?  What I ended up with was a very hearty and flavourful soup which pleased everyone. I’ll just call this a win 😉

Don’t you just love your crockpot?

We had a very relaxed weekend here and in keeping with that theme,  I had a very easy time serving dinner because everything was pre-made and ready to go. Nothing like pulling out a box of salad and plating while adding a few extra’s to kick it up or reheating some soup/chili that you had previously thawed from the freezer. (LOVE batch cooking/using the crockpot once to make a few meals worth of food at a time.) Coincidentally, they’re all one dish/pot meals!

Dinner was ready in under 5 minutes for the three of us and with very minimal cleaning.  Thank goodness for the dishwasher! 🙂


Vegetable/Lentil/Bean soup with sweet potatoes


Basic garden salad kicked up with mushrooms & feta


Chili with cheese

What are some of your ‘go to’ / ‘one dish’ meals?

New Year’s Eve rolled around and my sis called to let us know she was in town and wanted to know if we would like to meet up for dinner.  So after getting ready last minute, we jumped at the offer and headed out the door.   We went a bit early as well fearing crowds of people and our choice of restaurant being booked solid.

Starter:  broth type soup


Soy sauce chicken with a few slices of spicy jelly fish salad on top.


Baby bok choy, simmered with ground pork & garlic cloves.


Chinese style lobster!
(the only way lobster should be prepared – ever IMO)


Abalone w/Chinese mushrooms over baby bok choy.

All in all, it was a mighty tasty meal with great company and no family drama. Going in early for dinner helped a lot as the restaurant did fill up and was very loud by the time we were leaving.  What more could a girl ask for on New Year’s Eve?

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